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At our center you will find that the healers, workers and family have dedicated their lives to this path

and to be of service to the spirits of nature through the use of medicine plants.

You will see their dedication upon arrival through the impeccability of their service

and the care they take in every detail of the ceremonies.

They follow a lineage of the ancient cultures of the Inga and continually perfect their work

as to maintain the highest integrity of healing as their elders taught them.


Finca Ambiwasi is located just outside of Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia, in Silvania, in the beautiful mountainside of of the country.


In recent years Colombia has moved from an unstable country to a safe country for travelers. This country now sees over 2 million tourists coming to experience its cultural depth and beautiful landscapes every year. From our retreats many participants have gone to travel on to other parts of this beautiful country.

We will also ensure your safety by providing transportation to and from the retreat in our shuttle service which goes directly to/ from to the Bogota International Airport.

Finca Ambiwasi Healing & Retreat Center in Colombia

To get to the Finca you will need to fly to Bogotá International Airport (there are plenty of direct flights from all parts of the world). From the airport it takes about 1.5 hours to get here. Our center is in the mountains and it is a very secluded area, making it an ideal place for these ancient wisdom retreats (we have no neighbors nearby except for one very sweet older Colombian man). There is a beautiful scenic view from the center and many medicinal plants which we will take a tour of. It is 15-20 minute walk up a hill from the nearest road where our shuttle service will drop you off  (but don’t worry we have horses which will carry your luggage up the hill!)

As the helpers, supporters and healers invite you to Finca Ambawasi and welcome you in as part of their family, we expect you to treat the House of Healing as you would your own home.

Finca Ambiwasi is a very unique place on this planet . Every year it is becoming a greater hub for deep spiritual healing and it continues to draw people from all over the world and from all walks of life. This center is dedicated to maintaining the ways of the ancestors of the Inga lineage of the Amazonian Colombia region of Putomayo. Through the use of medicine plants we learn to attune our spirit and heart back to the beat of the great mother and father spirits of nature – that which lives within us and is all around us.

Finca Ambiwasi was founded in 2013 and is a project that is still developing. In 2015, the Maloka, a traditional ceremonial place, was inaugurated. This projected was created through the guidance and blessing of the Medicine Grandmother Yagé (Ayahuasca). This project and vision is one way in which we would like to give thanks to all the spirits, to the plants that are allowing us to awake from this sleeping state of the modern world, to our ancestors and the wisdom-keepers, and to the generations to come, and to you for being open to this work.

May your spirit and heart leap with joy as you read these words and propel you to join us for a ceremony or upcoming retreat soon!

To properly show and bring the Culture of Yagé and Divine Shamanic Healing.
Real Medicine of Yagé used with all the proper Shamanic Tools in an Ancient Culture of the Grandfathers.
A beautiful farm just outside of Bogotá with incredible views and all the requirements to retreat for Spiritual Inner work.
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NOV 7th - NOV 18th 2020

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