Ortiga / Amazonian Nettle

Ortiga or Amazonian Nettle (Urtica Urens or Dioica)

Ortiga is a very powerful plant, traditionally this plant is used in western herbology and in other types of herbology as a hemostatic (cleanses and heals the blood), it cleanses the pancreas, the GI tract, it cleanses the respiratory system, heals the anemia and even hepatitis.  When the plant touches the person it is said that it helps with paralysis and with pains. This would be the traditional plant that is used in Western herbology. 

The type of Ortiga used in the Amazon is different but still an Ortiga and in the same family.  First it is used during ceremony, when the person is already under the effects of Yagé.  It is know as the acupuncture of the jungle, since it has amazing thorns that when touched to the skin stimulate the flow of energy. 

Spiritually speaking, Ortiga cleanses the Ego, cleanses heavy energies that otherwise could not be cleansed.  Clears the mind, clears the energy field of the person. Calms the heavy and disturbed emotions. When used alongside with Yagé, during the healing sessions, it clears the strong, dark, negative energies that the person is removing bringing the person to a state of groundedness. 

Ortiga it always used alongside with the Chanting of the Taita and is given during the healings. It is a great experience and during the retreats at Finca Ambiwasi, they use freshly cut Ortiga grown in the farm.

This special kind of Ortiga is a huge blessing for the participants and something to look forward to. 

NOV 7th - NOV 18th 2020

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