Post Ceremony Care

How To Maximize Your Ceremony Experience Once You Get Home
by Carlos Duran


In this video you will discover exactly what you need to know to ensure you are getting the most out of your ceremony experience once you are home. Carlos walks you step-by-step through a series of massively powerful tips and techniques to help you keep the frequency of ceremony vibrating strong in your daily life. This is one of the most complete guided instructions you can receive on what to do in your home, in your workspace and with yourself to keep love, light and happiness flowing inside and all around you always.


Enjoy this video as many times as you like. Download it and share it with friends, but most importantly watch it as soon as possible, right now would be best! If you have any questions about anything covered in this video feel free to email Carlos directly at


PLEASE BE ADVISED: This video was recorded as a Facebook Live and some parts are very pixelated however, the audio contains the treasure you need and it is consistently clear throughout the whole video. Make sure you listen carefully, take good notes and above all else make sure you put these gems into practice for your own evolution and benefit. 

NOV 7th - NOV 18th 2020

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