Sacred Music

During these ceremonies the songs and music are forms of prayer that bring

healing energies into the ceremonial space. The sound vibration connects the

healer and plant medicine to the people. In the ayahuasca tradition it is said

that the healers and musiqueros sing the sickness away.

Ceremonial Music & Divine Chanting

An ayahuasca ceremony in the traditional sense is a time when the tribe would

gather together in an evening to drink the medicine for its healing, purgative,

visionary and spiritual transformation effects. Each person's experience is

highly individual and is a direct communication with the deepest parts of who

they are. The heightened sensitivity created by the plant unlocks a state of

consciousness where the person is fully awake, yet aware of their inner

subconscious mind. The Taitas refer to this state as ‘dreaming while you are


In this particular tradition we have very highly qualified musicians that are also

healers at the same time.  Juan David Muñoz is the main musician at Finca

Ambiwasi. He has recorded three CDs and he is highly renowned for his

amazing powerful voice, his talent with all the instruments he plays and for his

connection as a healer.

Being in Ceremony with musician Juan David is one of the most amazing experiences you can imagine.

The power of the music and the chanting of the Taitas makes the healing and the experience something to remember for the rest of your life. 

A few years ago Luis Gabriel also joined the crew with his talent.  He plays the violin, guitar, flutes, percussions, piano and uses his voice.


Luis Gabriel has been studying music since he was 9-years-old and has been working with plant medicines for over 15 years. It is an amazing opportunity to meet a being with such power to heal through sound.


Luis Gabriel works directly with your Spirit to help heal blockages, traumas and energetic imbalances as to help us come back to our true essence.

Ceremonial Music in the Morning at Finca:

NOV 7th - NOV 18th 2020

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