Tobacco & Rapé

Tobacco is used to cleanse deeper, to go to the root of the problem.  It can be also used as a purgative to cleanse stuck energies.

It is a very powerful and sacred medicine.

Tobacco & Rapé

A Word on Tobacco from the Regional Leader of the Red Road in Colombia:

Throughout all of the Americas, tobacco is associated with the elements.  

”Tobacco is the mother plant of excellence in all of the original communities

of the Americas, and in all ancestral ceremonies it is present as an ingredient

that accompanies other sacred medicines. Tobacco leaves take the form of the

tongue, and this characteristic helped the first grandfathers and grandmothers

of the original communities to deduce that it was to be used for prayer and

communication, and this is exactly how it has always been used.  When used

intentionally and for prayer, tobacco smoke carries our words, thoughts and

intentions to the Superior Consciousness, God, The Creator, or The Great Spirit.” 

It is said that when the conquerors came to the Continent of America, that they found the indigenous people using Tobacco and that they loved it and took it back to their homelands.  The only thing missing was all the sacredness behind the plant that requires years of practice and also a very important aspect which is that is has to be given to you by a teacher or holder of the energy of tobacco.  Somehow this means that the Teacher/Holder already has a sacred relationship with the Spirit of the Plant and is opening it for the student as he passes it along, so the student can start the learning process and relationship with the plant himself. 

When a Sacred plant like Tobacco is used without this referral then it becomes highly addictive and poisonous.  Otherwise when used correctly, it is a great vehicle of healing and clarity.  

Rapé is a powder that is blown up the nose to clear the passages and bring clarity and healing.  Tobacco is one of the plants used at Finca Ambiwasi - the Rapé used is very powerful and beautiful, it is a combination of several plants from the Amazons that work amazingly well alongside with ceremony, yagé, tobacco and everything else that is done during these retreats. 

NOV 7th - NOV 18th 2020

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