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The Grandfathers always say that they like to do Yagé (ayahuasca) "well done".  They mean that in their tradition there is a way in which the Grandmother plant should be used properly for Divine ultimate healing. 

In order to be a Taita, a man has to follow a very strict life, with complete integrity for himself and everything around him, besides undergoing very strong processes of self healings in their own paths.


Taita Juanito is a very unique healer.  He is very strict with all his students, but at the same time being with him is such a blessing due to his great sense of humor and compassion.  Taita is totally dedicated to Ultimate Healing.  To being able to assist people in really transforming their lives. 

These Taitas are extraordinary healers that know everything that needs to be know about the Grandmother plant Yagé or Ayahuasca.  You can rest assure that you are in perfect hands during ceremony and that you will receive everything that has to be received for healing your path. 


Taita Juanito

Head Healer, Founder of Finca Ambiwasi


Taita Juanito is a traditional Inga - Doctor of the indigenous community of the Colombian Amazon, he walks the path of the Yagé (Ayahuasca) and his family comes from a long lineage of traditional botanics. Throughout the past 15 years he has been learning and sharing with different communities.

Taita Juanito is a compassionate and humble man, he has a wife and son, and he is unflagging about his work in service, out of honesty and integrity.

‘When pain transforms into love healing is happening’

Taita Enrique

Healer from Ecuador


Taita Enrique has been learning all his life from different tribes in Colombia and the indigenous people of Ecuador. 

One of his strengths is his wide knowledge regarding botanical plants, and definitely his humor and funny songs.

Jairsagua Furativa Gacheta

Medicine Woman of the Muhysca Tribe


Jairsagua is walking the path of the Yagé and has dedicated more than 25 years of her life to studying and sharing knowledge about medicinal plants, weaving in different traditions and about alternative natural therapies.

"I am a weaver of dreams and a bridge from the world of the divine feminine ancestral lineage"

Jairsagua has been part of and guiding:

- Women’s circles

- Bead workshops in loom and free hand

- Mochila handbag weaving workshops (knot & crochet)

Florentino Caicedo

Tobacco Healer

Florentino Caicedo is a Grandfather and wisdom keeper of the Muisca community in Colombia. Don Florentino learned and shared with several Colombian elders receiving the word of the tobacco. He is a tobacco healer and follower of the Yagè culture for a period of 30 years now.

Don Florentino is known for his sweet and compassionate way, for his deep intuitive connection with the plant medicines (especially tobacco and Yagè) and his profound healings..

Don Miro

Temazcal/ Sweatlodge


Don Miro, Vision Quester and Sun Dancer,  has been following the Red Road and the lineage of the Lakotas since many years. 

Don Miro has been holding Sweatlodges since 20 years. He says the Temazcal is a natural medicine, which helps to reestablish a physical, mental and emotional balance.

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