The Grandfather of the Plants

The Medicine Yopo comes from the Venezuelan Amazon and is in the

Piaroa language known as Ñua (Yopo) and Tuipa (Caapi).

This exceptional medicine from the ancestral lands of the indigenous piaroa

people is characterized by its impressive visionary properties and its enormous 

virtue as a power tool to penetrate deep into our psyches in an efficient way.

It is taken in deep meditation - Traditionally this rituals are used to connect

with the spirit world to receive healing and spiritual growth.

Now in September, we have Rufino with us for the very first time. He is a 

Huottoja Shaman who is the eldest son and direct student of the greatly respected

grandfather Bolivar of the the tribe. Rufino will guide us through an entire Yopo

ceremony of 6- 9 hours, which includes the vibrational chants, water prayers and




NOV 7th - NOV 18th 2020

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