ZenScan Therapy

We are dedicated to supporting your healing process at Finca Ambiwasi, using diagnostic

devices recognized worldwide as the Metatron Hospital.

The Biowell GDV is used to measure the relationship between your biological body

and your energy body, thus helping to see the impact of your habits on your health,

both physical and emotional. It creates a visual report to help you return to your

natural balance.

We offer avant-garde therapies which help you to return to more favorable habits using

therapies such as CLEAR (Frequency Imprinting, sends vibrational information to the

body) and the Ark Crystal (Nassim Haramein).

This is frequency medicine, which is becoming the medicine of the future.


Ambiwasi is the first healing center in the world which unites the

ancient technology of Yagé with technology from the future

Throughout the retreat we have 64 armed glasses on the altar.


The Metatron is the latest technology in modern medicine in

the field of diagnosis. Born and developed at the Institute of

Psychophysical Practices in Omsk, Russia; it is able to access

areas of the body that until now were reserved for magnetic

resonance and computed tomography (CT).



Through this diagnostic system it is possible to determine the functional status of any tissue in the body. In this way it makes a detailed scan of the patient's organism, allowing to observe and indicate in detail the different tissues, organs, muscles, bones, and blood vessels, as well as identifying the pathologies and their possible causes.


The system is based on the concept that all the cells in the body emit electromagnetic radiation which can be evaluated and registered by the Metatron system.


This equipment allows analyzing each individual's biological structure, comparing its response with the standards of normal or pathological states of that same structure (which are stored in the memory of the device). A statistical analysis of the signals received is also carried out automatically to determine the causes of these pathological trends, whether microbiological (bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi), biochemical, allergic, toxic or other.



• Perform a non-invasive check of the functioning of your body.

• Facilitate the detection of the probable causes of the health problem to the attending physician.

• Evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment by measuring the biological changes in the before and after.

• Prevent pathologies, determining their tendencies to diseases.

• Make tests on the efficiency of medicines or food supplements in advance.

• Perform a corrective treatment by metatherapy of pathological changes.


Bio-Well has been developed by an international team led by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and brings the technology known as gas discharge visualization technique, in which, it illustrates the state of a person's morphological field. When a measurement is made, the image captures the emissions of the photons emitted by each finger that are assigned to the different organs and systems of the body, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine


Bio-Well uses a weak, completely painless electrical current applied to the fingertips for less than a thousandth of a second. The body's response to this stimulus is the formation of an "electron cloud" composed of photons of light energy. The electronic "brightness" of this discharge is captured by an optical camera system and then translated into a digital file. The data from each test becomes a unique "Photonic Profile", which is compared to the database of hundreds of records so that they can be used for discussion and analysis.


The image created with the Bio-Well instrument is based on the ideas of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been verified during 18 years of clinical experience by hundreds of physicians with thousands of patients. The scanning process is fast, simple and non-invasive. It shows in real time what factors - positive and negative - affect your energy system. You can view each analysis in different ways, with up to 7 different display options. Bio-Well is not a medical instrument, it only gives an impression of the Energy Field and allows to see the transformation day by day and the influence of different stimuli in the human energy field.



• The scanning process is quick, easy and non-invasive, it can be done daily to obtain better results.

• A tool that provides you with a large amount of data to help identify the areas that need attention as you work toward personal coherence.

• The system provides graphical representations of the data to provide easy reference and interpretation.

• Save or print a report with all the key data of each scan.

• Save or print your results with just one click

• Measure the energy of the environment and how the energy of objects affects your morphological field.







NOV 7th - NOV 18th 2020

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